Selling your property quickly and at the best price

can be time consuming.....but I a here to help you!

Why mandating me to sell your property?

1st: because for selling an getting the right profit, a proper and professional valuation must be done. For that I am trained.

2nd: because many "interested" clients will call to get information and I suppose you have better things to do that answering hundred calls or emails.

3rd: because many "interested" clients may want to visit the property at their convenience, which may not be yours! and again I am sure you prefer spending this time in your hobbies.

4th: because clients may want to negotiate your selling price, and you may feel pressured! you do not have to have negotiation skills, so I can do this for you, it is my day-to-day work

5th: because you will need to write a legally binding sales agreement and you may not know how to do it properly, so I am here to do it for you

6th: because will need to contact the notary and make some follow up and probably you prefer to spend that time playing with your kids or grand-kids....

So, for all these reasons, I will be more than happy to sell the property for you and get YOU the best profit.

But obviously, as you get paid for the work you do, I get pay for mine. I charge a commission of 3% + vat of the final selling price.

Still, you want to sell it yourself BUT woul like to know the right price?

I will be more than happy to do your property valuation without any obligation to sell the property through me. Now, I will NOT advise you to get an online valuation as computers cannot assess important factors that my affect importantly the value of your property. I will neither take any FREE valuations offered by others because nothing is free in this life and there will be hidden interests that you will discover later....

What exact services are convered in the Selling Mandate?

1. Visit of the property: picture taking, measuring , data collection

2. Advert publishing: content writing, picture editing, publication in different media channels depending on the buyers profile (ex. facebook, newspapers, internet portals, etc)

3. Calls/email management: answering potential buyers calls/emails for information. Procure the demanded information

4. Key custody: in case the buyers gives me the property key for performing the visits, I custody the key in safe

5. Property staging: with permission of the seller, I can make some decoration changes in order to make the property more appealing to potential buyers (ex: rearranging furniture, changing decoration objects, etc)

6. Visit management: manage all appointments and visits. Receiving potential buyers, property showing and enhancing

7. NEGOTIATION: negotiation is a key step in selling. Negotiation skills are required in order to create win-win situations for both buyer and sellers when the main objective is the sell. Negotiation can be time consuming and difficult depending on each players personality.

8. Preparation of “pre-signing deed” (Compromis de vente)

9. Preparation of other documents necessary for the sale

10. Communication with the noraty for all procedure matters

11. Control of the documents veracity and accuracy (contacting the different administrative organisms)

12. Assistance through the whole procedure

13. Assistance on the day of the final deed signing

14. Available: 7/7 from 8.30-22.00


What is the COMPROMIS DE VENTE?: The “compromis de vente” is sales agreement signed by both parties and it is final. As this is a real contract, it commits the signatories to conclude the sale at a fixed price. Read Morempromis de vente” is sales agreement signed by both parties and it is final. As this is a real contract, it commits the signatories to conclude the sale at a fixed price.

What is the ENERGY PASSPORT: a paper which stated the energy consumption of the property. It is mandatory by law that if you want to buy a property the owner must provide the purchaser with the actual energy passport of the property.

What is the BANK CLAUSE?: The purchaser is only obliged to acquire the property if he/she receives a loan from a banking institution. The parties freely decide of a deadline in writing (at least 4 to 6 weeks) within which the purchaser must send the response of the bank to the seller.

What is the SUSPENSION CLAUSE? This is a clause whereby the contractors provide in advance for lump sum compensation by the party who terminates the agreement without being entitled to it..