Why contracting a

Project Manager for Home Renovation?

Home Renovations can be tricky for a variety of reasons: budget, time-consuming steps, control of works, unforeseen circumstances, workers coordination, lack of ideas, ….

When you break down what it takes to complete a home renovation project, there are a lot of time-consuming steps. From the basics of drawing a plan to much more complicated steps such as deciding for example on pipes materials and redistribution.

Home renovations require time devoted to each detail along the way. However homeowners typically don’t have ample amounts of time but most of all they do not have the expertise and experience to make the right decisions at the right time.

A mistake homeowners often make is contracting “all-in-one” companies that are supposed to do all sorts of works but the problem often encountered is that they don’t have the same level of expertise in all works and some may be more deficient than others. When chosen separately by a project manager, we can choose the expert of each area, for example an expert on flooring installation, an expert plumber, etc. We can ensure that the quality of work is at its higher standard.

Hiring a Project Manager is only for rich people

WRONG! I have had the pleasure of working with many clients who had very tiny and tight budgets (6.000 – 10.000€) and we have renovated bathroom, kitchen, bedroom all included!

Respecting the client’s budget is ESSENTIAL, and I can assure you we can do beautiful changes with little money. The trick is on thinking on the best cost effective solutions, searching the right furniture, the right materials and not buying at the first shop/provider ! Here is where again TIME and availability plays a very important role and that is why hiring a Project manager is an advantage! In fact, a project manager can save you money!

Do you have a project in mind and want to discuss it?

Do not hesitate to contact me ! We can fix a first appointment where you can explain to me your aims. We can then discuss on the feasibility and the following steps if we decide to work together!

A first consultation does not engage you to anything!

Depending on the project we can also decide whether you need my help all the way through or only in some stages”

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