For one reason or another you are moving abroad, but you still have a property in Luxembourg that you want to keep, and let it, in order to obtain some profit

but, you do not know how to manage here is the service to help YOU relax and get the rent in your bank account where ever you are


What does this service cover?


• Visit to the property and photo making

• Advertissment content writing to attract pontential tenants

• Advertissement publishing in adequate and various media

• Managing and scheduling visits to the property

• Management of phone calls and email and information requirements

• Renting Agreement drafting and signing, writte amendements or changes if needed

• Property condition inventory drafting

• Property condition inventory at entry date and at exit date

• Keeping the bank guarantee deposit. The security deposit kept by the agent, will be refunded to the person who paid it, ie to the tenant in case of leaving, subject to deduction of expenses attributable to the latter and recorded in the inventory condition inventory signed by both parties.

• Verification of multi-risk home and fire insurance by tenant and ask for supporting documents.

• Attendance at meetings of the condominum (réunions de la coprorieté) in representation of the owner.

• The collection of rents and transfer to the owner.

• Litigation management, ex. unpaid rent by the tenant.

• Preparation of annual expenses for the tenant.

• Assistance to the tenant.

• Verification of property maintenance: Repairs, renovations, etc. The agent hereby agrees to consult prior to their commitment to his principal for any work of maintenance or development of the property.

• The payment of the condiminum expenses.

• Tenants' requests and complaints to the landlord.

• Communication and Manangement of the building management company (gérance) .

• Custody of all documents relating to the property (inventory, ISTA statements, LEO, copy insurance, etc.) for the duration of the mandate. Original documents will be delivered by registered mail and in full at the end of the rental period.


• Invitation to tender for specilised companes to perform the work needed at the property. Each technical service will be billed separately according to the invoice of the provider.

• Supervising of works to be performed by specialized companies

• Technical assistance to the tenant. For this purpose the agent will have a key to the property which will be given by the owner.

Obviously my time, full availability and involvement in the management of your property have a value. The price for you relaxation and problem-less life is 225€ / month.