Buying costs are moderate in Luxembourg

When signing a real estate acquisition notary act, you will have to pay at the notary different fees. 

Registration fees

Registration fees are calculated on the value of the land and buildings on this land, at 6%. If the purchaser is living in Luxembourg or plans to live in this new acquisition, he can benefit from a tax credit on these rights thanks to the “Bellegen Akt” up to 20,000 euros per head on his real estate acquisition in Luxembourg as a principal residence. In this case, a flat-rate fee of 100 euros will be applied.
In the event of purchase for lease or resale beyond the time limits stupulated by Bellegen Akt, the purchaser must pay all these 7% duties on the value of the land and buildings.

Notary’s fees and emoluments

The notary’s fees are fixed by Grand-Ducal regulation and are equivalent to approximately 1% of the amount of the acquisition (land and buildings).

To find out the registration fees and notary fees you will have to pay when you make your real estate purchase, you can use our notary fees calculator.

The notary also invoices the costs incurred by his firm in order to complete the real estate transaction. These costs include requests for cadastral extracts or any other administrative document collected from bodies and administrations.


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