What is a PROFESIONAL property valuation?

What is the difference with an ONLINE valuation, and why paying for it??

A proper and professional valuation needs to be :
1. Objective: If you enter the parameters in a online valuation, YOU are judging your own property right? is that very objective? I do not think so.

2. Real: If you take an online valuation or someone does a valuation without OCULAR inspection , in-situ, he /she is not assessing the reality, he is not seeing the object, so can he/she valuate it?

3. Actual: A valuation has to consider the prices in the market at a given moment. A valuation done 2 years before does not gives us the right value today.

A valuation is NOT an EXACT science, it is an appraisal and for it to be the more accurate it is better to use different methods of calculation. This takes time and effort, so if you get a FREE valuation do not expect to obtain a solid and accurate valuation because there has not been much time spend on the analysis.

Also consider that if someone OFFERS you a valuation, he /she will probably ask you after to give then the exclusive selling mandate. Nothing is free in life.

4. There are rules to follow and these rules are stated by two bodies: The International Valuation Standards Council and the European Group of Valuer's Association. If the report on your property valuation does not follow these rules, do not expect it to be very accurate.

These are situations where you may need it:

- You want to sell you property at the right price and in a reasonable period of time

- You are getting divorced and need to sell the property to split the gains in two

- The property is a heritage and either you/your family want to get their part

- The property will be a heritage for your children and need to know the value to equalize all of them

- Just curiosity!

How much costs a professional property valuation?

500€ + vat 17% for a full and accurate report