Selling a property can be time and energy consuming…

1st thing for SELLING: define the RIGHT PRICE

Please order a PROFESIONAL VALUATION of your property for defining the right price:

– you will save time in selling

– you will contribute to a healthy property market by not inflating prices

– buyers will be happy to buy at a fear price

Ordering a property valuation with me DOES NOT FORCE YOU to sell the property through me. You are TOTALLY FREE TO SELL it on you own.

If you need to concentrate on other matters of you life I can be in charge of the project of selling your property. That way you just need to come to the final deed signing day and enjoy the money in your bank account.

These are the activities involved in the service I give you:

  1. Visit of the property: picture taking, measuring , data collection
  2. Advert publishing: contect writing, picture editing, publication in different media channels depending on the buyers profile (ex. facebook, wnespapers, internet portals, etc)
  3. Calls/email management: answering potential buyers calls/emails for information. Procure the demanded information
  4. Key custody: in case the buyers gives me the property key for performing the visits, I custody the key in safe
  5. Property staging: with permission of the seller, I can make some decoration changes in order to make the property more appealing to potential buyers (ex: rearranging furniture, changing decoration objects, etc)
  6. Visit management: manage all appointments and visits. Receiving potential buyers, property showing and enhancing
  7. NEGOTIATION: negotiation is a key step in selling. Negotiation skills are required in order to create win-win situations for both buyer and sellers when the main objective is the sell. Negotiation can be time consuming and difficult depending on each players personality.
  8. Preparation of “pre-signing deed” (Compromis de vente)
  9. Preparation of other documents necessary for the sale
  10. Communication with the noraty for all procedure matters
  11. Control of the documents veracity and accuracy (contacting the different administrative organisms)
  12. Assistance through the whole procedure
  13. Assistance on the day of the final deed signing
  14. Available: 7/7 from 8.30-22.00

Please note that this mandate is not exclusif. You are free to sell the property on your own or by any other means in parallel to my selling work.

Fees: 3% + VAT 17% of  property final selling price

paid at final deed’s signature


The “compromis de vente” is sales agreement signed by both parties and it is final. As this is a real contract, it commits the signatories to conclude the sale at a fixed price. Read Morempromis de vente” is sales agreement signed by both parties and it is final. As this is a real contract, it commits the signatories to conclude the sale at a fixed price. Read More


The purchaser is only obliged to acquire the property if he/she receives a loan from a banking institution.
The parties frrely decide of a deadline in writing (at least 4 to 6 weeks) within which the purchaser must send the response of the bank to the seller. Read More


This is a clause whereby the contractors provide in advance for lump sum compensation by the party who terminates the agreement without being entitled to it..Read More



The DEED (act of acquisition etc)

Documents relating to the personal situation: family record book or a birth certificate and / or marriage certificate, copy of the marriage contract or PACS, address, telephone, etc.
The energy passport for building sales
A certificate of the trustee must also be necessary when selling apartments to prove that the seller is up to date in the payment of co-ownership fees, but this certificate is requested by the notary. Read More


Any work worth a salary, any transaction made through an agent entitles the agent to a commission that covers the investment and the time he/she has spent to allow the successful completion of the transaction.

According to the law of 17 May 2004 on competition, which applies to all production activities and services, the prices of goods, products and services are FREELY determined by competition, including the fixing of the percentage of the commission of the real estate agent.

Thefore, the commission I get for my services is based on the value of the services I provide.

In the context of a real estate sale, the commission is due by the seller, only once the sale has been realized. Read more


It is mandatory by law that if you want to sell your propoerty you must provide the purchaser with the actual energy passport of the property. Read More