Renting in Luxembourg

can be a nightmare.... offer is rare and prices are very expensive

If you find a property that suits your needs, please send your APPLICATION ASAP!

Applications files:

- copy of your ID

- copy of you work contract (CDIs are always privileged)

- copy of you las 3 payslips

- copy of your CNS card

send all to



All matters regarding maintenance and repair works of a rented property is determined in the legal document: Code civil & Loi du 22 septembre 2006

Small reparations, and SPECIALLY THOSE DUE TO USAGE, like changing bulbs, and small maintenance works, like inspecting the heating, cleaning joints and sanitary installation, eliminating bumps and stripes on doors and chassis, fill in holes in walls and ceilings, changing some broken ceramic tiles, broken windowsill, broken splitting walls, locks, blinds traps, handlebars, and all door closing systems are responsibility of the TENANT.

Also, all repairs consequence of carelessness or misuse of the tenant are also responsibility of the tenant. (ex: broken window glass)

Most RENOVATION works are responsibility of the landlord for example: old kitchen appliances, water heater, heating, blinds and water taps, building works, roofing, gutter, water evacuation systems, old windows, heating, sanitary installations (toilet seat, bath etc) , window painting, exterior door painting, exterior walls painting, floor coating, etc

THE FAMOUS PAINTING CLAUSE: The landlord can explicitly say in the contract that the property has to be repainted by the tenant once he leaves the property and the end of the tenancy period.

"CHARGES" WHAT IS IT INCLUDED: Consumption of energy (gas, electricity, water, fuel), Common maintenance of the property and common parts (cleaning services, garden maintenance services, equipment maintenance (boiler, elevator, etc), Technical management fees, Minor repairs, Municipal taxes on garbage and water. An annual statement of expenses must be sent to the tenant. On the basis of documentary evidence, the landlord can effect an annual adjustment. According to the bill, the tenant is asked to pay a supplement if the actual costs exceed the advances, and vice versa, the lessor must make a refund if he overestimates them.

THE PROPERTY CONDITION INVENTORY:It is mandatory by law to do a written and contradictory condition inventory of the PROPERTY before the new tenants entries and takes possession of the property, each time the lease contract provides the obligation for the tenant to provide a rental guarantee.
An inventory of fixtures is to be established together by the landlord and the tenant (or their agents) at the latest at the moment of entry into use of the rented premises. The more precise it is, the more it can serve as a reference for future problems. It is dated and signed by both parties at the time it is established.