Transformation of an office room to a bathroom

In this project I have created an entire bathroom. At the beginning the room was an office and there were no pipe connections

The project consisted in -designing the bathroom (placement of all furniture) – coordinating works (including preparation of wall for humidity problems) – finding the right furniture and accesories – deciding & finding the right tiles and flooring BUDGET: 6.000€

Refreshing of an old fashioned bathroom

With a tiny budget of 2.000€ I have refreshed this old fashioned bathroom into an more actual and modern bathroom

Refreshing a tiny guests toilet

Here I have transformed and quite standard guest toilet into a toilet room with character and personality. I changed the lavatory and its little cabinet, also the lighting and the mirror. The tiles have been covered with adhesive PVC

BUDGET: 1.000€

Creating a new shower room

This time I have created a new shower room in and existing bathroom. The bath has been taken out, the old shower too, and the tiles have all been replaced. The flooring is also new. A washing machine has also been installed discretely inside of a cabinet in the corner of the shower room. The bath scrren with its sliding allows an easy access

Budget: 5.000€

Creation of an entire new bathroom

Located in the attick here is a new bathroom. The place was empty at the beginning.We have built the walls, made the pipes connections, installed the bath, lavatory, cabinet, accessories and teh ROOF WINDOW! this room had nonaturla light. The roof window gives now a wondeful south light that is also reverted into the staris on the house throught the trasnparent tiles I have inserted in the wall. BUDGET: 6.000€


Refreshing an old kitchen

This kitchen is located in a studio. It was very old fashioned. I changed the induction hob, the Owen and the fridge. Also I have decorated with Arabic adhesive wall stickers. Now the kitchen is much more funtional and modern BUDGET: 3.000€

En entire new kitchen

In the living room I have created an entire new kitchen. New pipes have been connected also all the electric system. The Kitchen has been ordered at Kichechef. BUDGET: 30.000€ all included

Renovate the stairs

I have taken out the old tiles and new modern tiles have been posed now we have a more modern and light full staircase

A complete new attic with 2 bedrooms

The attik of this house as completely “abandoned”. It needed refreshing but also isolating and rearanring spaces. I have designed an atick with an entrace hall, 2 bedrooms and a shower room. With this we have gained 45m² of living space that now count on the global living area of the house and gives it more value.

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