Services to HELP YOU have an easier life

Please remember! I do not charge for what I do, I charge for what I KNOW, and for what YOU do not want or can’t do.


For Tenants

The renting market in Luxembourg is extremely fast!! There is not enough offer on the market.

I can help you find what you are looking for.



For Landlords

Finding the right tenant for your property means meeting many potential tenants and many visits...

If you have better things to do, I can do all these visits for you to find the right tenant.

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For Buyers

Searching for a property to buy in this country can be very time consuming

I can do a search for you following your requirements



For Sellers

Selling a property takes time

Iif you do not want to waste your time, I can do it for you

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Property Valuations

Find out the REAL value of your property.

Do not trust online free valuations, they cannot assess many factors affecting the value of a property...

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Are you MOVING ABROAD, but have a property in Luxembourg that you want to let?

I can manage your property here as if it was mine.

You will get the rent in your bank account every month.

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