PROPERTY VALUATOR is a proper job function in many countries. EXPERTS in Property Valuations are TRAINED and have a DIPLOMA. Therefore do not trust whoever ....

PROFESSIONAL VALUATIONS GUARANTEE you get the REAL value for your home & quickly


A professional property valuation is ESSENTIAL to stablish the right price to advertise your property.

If you advertise your property at a price above its worth, you will NOT sell it. DO NOT CHEAT ON YOURSELF saying you will wait until someone pays the price you are asking for.  You are wasting your time. Buyers are not stupid and will not buy the property in a million years if the price is not justified.

If you advertise the property for a price below its fear price, buyers will be suspicious. Buyers will think, Why would you sell under its real value…?? must be something odd….

Setting the right price is key for a successful sale. But if you have not been educated in this area, let a professional do it for you.

BEWARE: many Luxemburgish real estate agencies and their agents offer FREE PROPERTY VALUATIONS. Do not be foolish, they just want you to sign an EXCLUSIVITY SELLING MANDATE with them. They will inflated the price of the property and promise you they will selling it for that price in 1 month,  but this is only to seduce you….. 


Have you ever though that Prices in Luxembourg are CRAZY???? INDEED! and one of the main reasons is that PRICE ANNOUNCED on media are set by owners themselves, not knowing how to  evaluate their house or by unprofessional real estate agents. They both just think on making money!

Moreover price you see on MEDIA are NOT the actual paid prices. Price on media are inflated.

I explain to you how the market works in Luxembourg: many Luxemburgish agencies and real estate agents MAKE ABOVE THE MARKET PRICE VALUATIONS, first because they are not trained on this matter, but also because if the valuate above the market price they will enchant sellers  and make them sign exclusivity selling mandates (which is the SOLE objective of the real estate agent). But at the end of the day buyers pay much less and properties are not sold at his promised prices the real estate agents told sellers at first.

If you do not want to be cheated on with the prices of a house you are planning to BUY , order a PROFESIONAL property valuation from a third party, thus you can make an offer that corresponds to the real value of the property.


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4 weeks ago

Independent Real Estate Advisor

Studio en LOCATION au Pulvermühl, libre 1er MAY
40 m²
meublé avec lave-linge, seche linges et lavavaiselle!!

Garantie: 1.700€
Frais d'agent: 1.145 +vat 17% ... See MoreSee Less

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1 month ago

Independent Real Estate Advisor

EN LOCATION AU WEIMERSKIRCH!!!!! (à 10 mint. a pied des institutions européennes)
Appartement de 39m² avec 1 chambre + living +cuisine + salle de bain + toilette + cave + GARAGE!!!!!!
DISPO 15 avril
NON mueblé

LOYER: 1100€
Charges: 130€
Honoraires agence: 1.100€+ vat ... See MoreSee Less

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1 month ago

Independent Real Estate Advisor

30m² terrasse
2 chambres à coucher
chauffage sol
1 salle de bain
A prox. de Delahize, centre ville à 10 minutes.
LOYER: 1.820 avec harges incluses
Garantie: 2 mois
HOnoraires agent: 1700€ + vat 17%
... See MoreSee Less

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1 month ago

Independent Real Estate Advisor

BONNEVOIE:: en location a partir du 1er MAY
Appart de 55 m2: 1 chambres + living+ cuisine+ salle de bain
+ toilette + cave
Près d'arrêt de bus at a 10 minutes du centre ville et de la gare centrale
LOYER: 1.400€/mois
GArantie: 3.100€
HOnoraires agent: 1.400€ + vat 17%
... See MoreSee Less

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KIRCHBERG: appart en location dispo TOUT DE SUITE!!!!!!!!!!!!
rez de chaussé avec jardin et belle terrasse
2 chambres + cuisine + living+salle de bain

Loyer: 2.500€/mois TOUT INCLUS
Garantie: 5.000€
Hnoraires agent immo: 2.300€ + vat 17% ... See MoreSee Less

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déjà LOUE!!!!!!!!
ZONE GARE: Appart de 1 chambre + living+ cuisine ouverte équipée + cave + garage EN LOCATION a partir du 1 avril.
Loyer: 1.250€/mois
Charges: 150€/mois
Caution: 2.800€
Honoraires agent immo: 1.250€ + 17% TVA
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Carolina y Roberto

Alquilar piso con Rosa ha sido fácil y rápido

Good valuation

Rosa valuated our home for sale. We sold it 5.500€ below the price she valuated!

Domingo Ruiz


Hicimos una tasación para vender nuestro piso. Tardó 3 días en darnos la tasación. Vendimos nuestro piso en 1 mes con le precio que Rosa nos aconsejó.

Marina Marquez

Thank you!

Thanks to Rosa we found a place to rent, very quickly



Rosa has helped me find my flat very effectively. In 1 week I was signing the contract. thanks Rosa



These cannot value factors which can add or reduce value of you property!!


If it is free then it is not profesional. A profesional valuation takes time and matematical calculations and modelling.

No one works profesionaly for free (do you?).

So if someone is giving it to you freely means that he/she has not speared a minute in you, or he/she is silently waiting for something else in return.....